Founded in May of 2009, the Excelsus Foundation is an educational trust that provides a suite of academic and mentoring services for African-American boys in grades K-12, as well as consulting services for independent and public schools that are seeking additional support for African-American boys, professional development for young teachers, and diversity workshops for all faculty and staff.

As opposed to being a grant-making entity, the Excelsus Foundation actively seeks partnerships and private donations in order to execute its mission of providing the highest quality of academic remediation and enrichment to African-American students--eventually a program for girls will be instituted--at little or no cost to families. The ultimate goal of the Excelsus Foundation is to narrow the achievement gap that exists between African-American and other students.

Through its three, year-round programs (i.e., the Excelsus Saturday Institute, the Excelsus Summer Institute, and the Excelsus August Institute), the Foundation cultivates secure identities and positive self-esteem in African-American boys by means of mentorship, academic preparation, and peer affinity.

Though based in Oakland, California, the Excelsus Foundation conducts workshops and seminars for both students and teachers nationwide. Its flagship program, the Excelsus August Institute for African-American Boys, began in Oakland in 2009, but schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations across the country and globe are encouraged to host the EAI, as well as the Saturday Institute, the Summer Institute, and the Institute for Black Boys in the Diaspora, by gifting space or other resources. 

In sum, the Excelsus Foundation prepares African-American (and Black) boys for academic success and manhood by nurturing, expanding, and celebrating them and their experiences. Most recently, the Foundation has expanded its work to include early-childhood literacy and the elimination of achievement gaps in English language arts for all students in grades K-12.


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